Real Estate Consultancy

Business Compass A.Ş. employs an experienced staff focusing on the expectations of its customers, and carrying out special analyses of the real estate market. Business Compass A.Ş  provide real estate portfolio consulting services tailored for the risk profiles of customers demanding a detailed risk-return analysis for a safe investment. Business Compass A.Ş  customer portfolio includes construction firms, project developers, credit agencies and investors.

Real Estate Strategy
Regardless of the regional or local scale of your investments, Business Compass A.Ş  will assist you in developing a real estate plan in line with your corporate objectives.
Strategic approach of Business Compass A.Ş in real estate valuation is focused on

  • The improvement of operational effectiveness,
  • Achieving savings through improving cost effectiveness,
  • Increasing the return on capital investments through an optimum composition of loans and equity.

Business Compass A.Ş ’s real estate strategy service comprises the following:

  • Selection of locations: determining the locations suitable for business operations,
  • Recommendation of work space: design of efficient and functional spaces
  • Finance, credits, and taxation

On the one hand assisting you in cost control and operational activities regarding real estate projects, Business Compass A.Ş  will on the other, provide you with a consulting service taking into consideration tax applications for an optimal credit-equity balance with reference to the risk-return equilibrium.