Business Compass A.Ş. has continuously growing and has been renovated since its foundation with its academic and professional background and experience required for specific matters as well as with its wide staff in young and dynamic structure. Our firm, nation-wide, serves especially for legal consultancy service and also execution and bankruptcy law, contract law, labor law, sports law, health law, real estate law and general law branches. Our technological infrastructure in which Davapro and İcrapro law automation programs are used has been harmonized with International Judgment Network Project (UYAP) and our informative website has been taken into service.

Legal Counseling Services:

With this context Business Compass A.Ş. clients, especially companies, are legally restructured and institutionalized. Business Compass A.Ş basic intend in this subject is to provide all legal needs of our clients in one complete package. In today’s business life, the firms exhibiting commercial activities essentially have to become competent in three aspects to survive in business life and to retain their proficiency. These items are;

* Professional and competent administration,

* Educated and equipped law according to today’s commercial circumstances,

* Financial audit and bookkeeping.

It should be borne in mind that function of protective law in law is vital and essential as is the case in preventive medicine in general medicine. Business Compass A.Ş  intends your problems to never arise and to solve them smoothly for minimum cost by early diagnosis.

Execution and Bankruptcy Law:

Healthy dept collection, one of the most important requirements of business life has become a serious problem due to economic crisis faced in recent years. By that reason, to collect debts promptly for minimum costs has become an essential matter for companies. Our office completely undertakes this responsibility from Business Compass A.Ş  clients and thus managers may concentrate on their regular commercial activities. By that time, our firm firstly gets in touch with the debtors to solve the collection issue without any cost. However, according to goodwill of the debtors, if the collection cannot be made or if they hide assets, Business Compass A.Ş  immediately take action to guarantee the collections. Within this context, by considering the importance of information belonging to the debtors, an information department has been established in Business Compass A.Ş  office and our experienced staff having detective abilities serves in this department.



Contract Law Services:

Contract law consultancy in operations carried out in business life has become important as being a

part of professionalization. Subjects of many legal controversies between companies are composed of contracts signed. In this case, the way to be a step ahead in lawsuit process or in a problem case is to perform a complete evaluation while signing the contract and to protect rights of companies in the best way. Because, in most of the controversies, the only way to solve the problem has been previously stated in the articles of the contract. Our companies may face serious damages especially in commercial activities made with foreign companies due to this lack. It should be borne in mind that expense to be paid in the contract preparation stage will be lower than the expense to be paid in a case of controversy. Business Compass A.Ş  has required experience and competence in examining and issuing contracts in both Turkish and English languages.

Sports Law and Health Law Services:

Today specialization in law branch has becoming more important and winning cases in this branch stands out. Among these branches, Sports Law and Health Law slightly distinguish from other branches with their subjects and judgment proceedings. Sports law is completely different from general law due to its judgment proceedings and is a freestanding law discipline. As the judgment is not performed by general courts and as its legislation is completely different, receiving special training in this subject is said to be essential. Business Compass A.Ş  is self confident in this field as having specialists performed significant studies in terms of academic and execution areas. Business Compass A.Ş  has the qualification to follow and finalize controversial cases conducted between sportsmen and trainers, national federation and international institutions, between clubs and sports staff, national federation and international institutions and especially cases conducted in International Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) that is the final authority for controversies in sports law.

Health law requires special training and experience due to being directly related to human health and workers in this field and in addition the need for technical information on health field. Business Compass A.Ş has experienced and educated lawyers and many cases on trial.